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Delicia means
Delicia means
a concern for product freshness and quality
Delicia means
Delicia means
20 years of experience and customer confidence in more than 20 countries
Delicia means
Delicia means
natural ingredients from proven suppliers
Delicia means
Delicia means
European quality and safety standards
Delicia means
Delicia means
more than 60 original flavors and continuous development of new recipes
About us

Delicia is a modern confectionery factory that produces more than 60 kinds of sugar, butter, aerated butter biscuits, wafers and cooked gingerbreads.

Delicia’s philosophy is to choose natural products and use original recipes to produce high quality and safe products.

Our confidence in our products is based on a complete production cycle using special process lines. This allows us to control the process at all stages - from selection of raw materials to production of finished confectionary goods.

Delicia is constantly upgrading and expanding its production facilities: our technologists create new recipes and improve the existing ones. Besides, we provide a variety of weight and packaging formats for each of our customers.

The products of the factory are represented in factory stores, supermarkets, and in retail outlet places throughout the territory of Ukraine. We also export our products to more than 20 countries in Europe and Asia: Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Great Britain, USA, Azerbaijan, Israel, and others.

Our food quality and safety management system is certified in accordance with the international standard IFS Food..
International Food Standard (IFS) is the only basis for mutual evaluation of food vendors, suppliers and producers.
IFS Food for food and quality assurance, ensures food safety control and evaluates the quality level of manufacturers. This standard is recognized by the Global Food Initiative (Global Food Safety Initiative). Today IFS is considered the authoritative safety standard for all food manufacturers. In particular, by the standard IFS recognized retail chains.
Ensuring the quality and safety of food products occurs at all stages of production, from the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of finished products. “Delicia” products are periodically monitored for safety indicators in accredited and certified for compliance with ISO 17025 Ukrainian and European laboratories. All this allows “Delicia” to meet the requirements of foreign partners and leading food brands, significantly expanding the boundaries of supply and increasing the number of supporters of its confectionery skills around the world.
and Delicia is —
Confectionary packaging
Delicia knows individual needs of its customers, and therefore supplies products in various weight and packaging formats. It is convenient for each of our customers and allows us to maintain optimal cost of our confectionary goods. We pay special attention to our product design. Confectionary packaging is an outer wrapper of the diligent work of our team, which is consistent with the company’s philosophy. This is precisely why our products have bright and up-to-date packaging with attractive design that emphasizes the character of Delicia factory.
competitive products
Delicia means competitive products, the main advantages of which are high quality ingredients, high production standards, variety of flavors, convenient packaging and original recipes. We use fresh, natural and health friendly ingredients that are subject to careful incoming control before they are used in the production. In addition we offer our customers products of European quality at a Ukrainian price. We owe this to our production process, which is operating in accordance with international standards and regulations.
reliable, professional and united team
Delicia is a reliable, professional and united team that always has thought for its consumers. There are specialists in various fields among the employees of the company; they completely maintain production process - from the initial stage of ingredient selection to delivery of the finished products. The main goal of our team is the production of tasty, safe and high quality products in accordance with the philosophy of the company. It is thanks to our employees that we have been operating steadily and smoothly for 20 years. At the same time, the production process is improved and developed: the process line is upgraded, new flavors and kinds of products are created, the dealer network is expanded.
Delicia in shoppingmalls
More than 20 countries of Europe and Asia: Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Iraq, Poland, Romania, Great Britain, Switzerland, etc.